Nappies and baby essentials auto-delivery option at
Auto-delivery is a recurring order that is automatically shipped to you - Save money and sit back

Auto-delivery is a recurring order that is automatically charged and shipped to you

Find your product, place your first order on the item with the AUTO-DELIVERY option and never run out again. We'll remind you when we are about to send you the next shipment and charge your credit card again

For example, when your delivery is set for every month, after three-weeks we will remind you that we are delivering, and we will simply confirm payment of the existing order after few days, or you can add new products to your order, change your nappies size or simply delay or cancel the delivery. Please note that price or order details updates would eventually also be communicated on occasion the email reminder

The Auto-Delivery is a product option and it has now been extended to all the most popular brands on the website.

If you wish your repeat purchase to be included as an auto-delivery item option, and you cannot find it on the website please do not hesitate to suggest it to

Save money and sit back Save even more off our already low prices with auto-delivery and relax knowing you will never forget your baby essentials again! Auto-Delivery orders are normally free delivery and you can save additional money, from 5 to 25% on normal prices depending on the product

No lock in contracts It is like a subscription but no obligations for you: if you want to pause, cancel or update with new products your auto-delivery order with us you can do at any time, just send us an email to Also, if we have to update prices and you do not wish to order at the new prices, you are free to stop your auto-delivery at any time

So, why wouldn't you?

Discover for yourself why many are choosing GoToddler's simple and convenient auto-delivery service.