At we can deliver excellent service because we are really focused 100% on our clients: young and busy parents who love to shop online.

The GoToddler Website includes almost 4,000 items for baby and toddler and is often used by mums-to-be to learn about new products and by more experienced mothers to compare prices.

For the team at success means listening to customers, and keeping track of customer expectations and sentiment. Very fast and reliable the GoToddler team has successfully delivered almost 15 millions of nappies, baby essentials and equipment to over 50,000 young Australian families, mostly in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane where we are really fast and offer free delivery on most of our deliveries.

The GoToddler Team strives to provide an easier way to shop for your baby and toddler, primarily baby essentials like nappies, baby wipes, baby food and formula, bottles, bottles accessories and cleaning, nursing and feeding items. baby essentials range includes more brands than major supermarkets, baby shops or pharmacies.

GoToddler was founded in 2008 by a couple of young Australian parents frustrated by in store lines and traffic and searches for the right nappies size and brand: they knew there was a better way! Initially offering only 150 products, the most popular brands in nappies, wipes, formula and baby food and then adding any baby essentials item you can think of.

In 2013 was officially the fastest growing baby store in Australia, being the only one included in the prestigious BRW FAST 100 list, which ranks the 100 fastest growing company in Australia.

We are now fine tuning all the fantastic brands introduced over the last few years, and introducing new ranges in baby clothing and equipment.

GoToddler is family owned - 100% Australian privately owned - and still daily run by the Founders, who are now online experts and passionate to serve young Australian families who love the convenience of online shopping and fast deliveries.

The GoToddler Team includes warehouse assistants pick/packing orders literally as they are placed online, couriers delivery drivers picking orders from the warehouse 4-times/day Monday to Friday and limited IT and commercial staff. So we limit customer service calls from 9am to 3pm and encourage you to use email and other messaging system to save your and our staff time to resolve matters.

This is all to make sure that The Team is fast, efficient and can keep prices competitive for your own benefit.

GoToddler Facebook page connects over 15,300 (May 2015) GoToddler enthusiasts.

GoToddler testimonials are fantastic. Most enthusiastic comments are about excellent service, fast delivery and competitive prices.

GoToddler has also been awarded the prestigious smart50 award in 2012 and 2013 is just the first online brand of AEK eCommerce Group Pty Ltd, our family Company. We want to do more, providing "alternative retail" solutions for families. So we are planning further developments and online services focused on families, with other websites specialising in household, health and beauty care essentials.

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